13 mars 2012

I am green of envy

I left work in a gay mood. temperatures are pleasant and the sky is blue. As I am pulling in onto our street my mood alters and I am staring at my nightmare....It is here again, I can not avoid it and It will haunt me the whole summer and fall. MY NEIGHBORS LAWN. ofcourse he was out there in his shorts,white socks and clean nikes MOWING. Really! could he not have given me atleast one week when I could look at my lawn and think...not to shabby. We call him "the lawn guy" his lawn is like something from a magazine and of course I have to live right across from him.
He mowes his lawn twice a week in different patterns. But last summer he went on vaccation and had a lawn firm mowe while he was gone. That was funny because they just mowed away and made all kinds of ugly tracks with their machines. I couldn't wait for him to come home and see it. for a period of two hole weeks I could sit on my stoop and feel good about my own lawn.

3 kommentarer:

Saltistjejen sa...

Oj han låter ihärdig! Kanske borde ni ge honom två getter istället. De låter lite mindre än en gräsklippare, eller iallafall lite mer "gulligt" än en sådan. Och så kan de vara lite fina att se på.

Anne sa...

Hihi, men herregud, härligt. Tur att jag inte har det så...

Kram Anne

RackarTuss sa...

Anlita snubben vetja!