lives are like rivers, they go where they want to go, not always where we would like them to go

25 augusti 2016

12 years to an end

It has been a while but It is time once again.... off to a new country. It has been eventful and fun 12 years in Ohio. Where to next ? Stay tuned 😊

18 februari 2013

a Yorkie confession

..........I told them to get of the bed.....
.....what? I was never up there. That bedspread was all messy like that...I swear.

27 januari 2013

21 maj 2012


NĂ€r solen Ă€r ute i Ohio Ă€r det bra att inte glömma solkrĂ€men ÄVEN om man sitter i skuggan. DĂ„ slipper man tvĂ€ttbjörns-looken.

17 maj 2012

jag ska fan visa er, era smÄ sabla smurfar

PÄ en vecka sÄ har jag insett att jag mÄste sova mer...hur nu det ska gÄ till...och att jag mÄste banta. hÀromdagen kom en andraklass smurf fram till mig under lunchrasten och klappade mg pÄ magen och undrade " har du en bebis dÀrinne". Jamen, sÄ fet Àr jag vÀl inte? TvÄ dagar senare sÄ kom en liten föstaklass smurf-elev fram till mig och undrade " Àr du jÀtte trött" Jag gick in pÄ toa och kollade pÄsarna under ögonen. neej, dom var fanimej inte vÀrre Àn nÄgon timme innan. Vad Àr det med ungar nuförtiden, kan inte en klimakterie kÀrring fÄ vara ifred för en endaste sekund.

10 maj 2012

Challenge is on

I have been challenged by SITTING IN A RAINBOW and THAT I can not resist.

1. Vilket Àr ditt bÀsta filmtips?
Gone with the wind.....the one and only.I have seen it atlest 51 times.
2. Ditt första barndomsminne?

In a car where I was laying in the backseat with red and black slippers waiting to enter the Danish that time I had no Idea I was entering Denmark.3. Vad ser du fram emot denna sommaren?
Stefs graduation, to see my european children and all the babies that has been born since I have been gone.
4. NÄgot du irriterar dig pÄ just nu?

My darn sinus infection
5. Favoritdryck?

Cooooffffeeeeee6. Favoritblomma?
prastkrage7. Har du nÄgon paradrÀtt som du gÀrna tipsar om sÄhÀr inför sommarens middagsbjudningar?
nae :/ Jordgubbar och gradde?8. En artist/lÄt som du tycker Àr onödigt tjatig just för tillfÀllet?
I am sexy and I know it9. Ett bloggtips?
Fredrik Backman10. Ett smultronstÀlle du gÀrna Äterkommer till om och om igen?
ASPO11. Det bÀsta med livet just nu?
That I am only weeks away from seeing Stef, Alex and Marc.And that a bottle of FLIP FLOP WINE is only 5 bucks.

Jaha, ska jag nu komma pa 11 fragor att utmana andra med? Hmmmmm
The reason I am writing in english is that I am using Js not tell and he has not a swedish keyboard.

Jag utmanar.....
Josefin Andersson
Prast Ida
Vuxna manniskor har inte hamstrar

har ar dom elva fragorna

1. Om du blev tvungen att lamna sverige vart skulle du flytta da?
2. Vad kan du absolut under inga omstandigheter ata?
3. Du far ta med dig tre saker till en ode o. Va skulle det vara?
4. Vem skulle spela dig I filmen om ditt ditt liv?
5.Du ska pa slaktraff vad tar du pa dig? 1.Burka 2.bikini 3.gladpack
6. Du blir tvungen att byta persona. Vem valjer du? 1. Gerard Butler 2.Silvia. 3. Pink 4. Ronald Reagan.
7. sexigaste mannen ever?
8. Sovmorgon eller klockan 5 pa morgonen pa gymmet?
9. Vitt ellr rott vin?
10. favoritblomma?
11. Bacon eller flask?

13 mars 2012

I am green of envy

I left work in a gay mood. temperatures are pleasant and the sky is blue. As I am pulling in onto our street my mood alters and I am staring at my nightmare....It is here again, I can not avoid it and It will haunt me the whole summer and fall. MY NEIGHBORS LAWN. ofcourse he was out there in his shorts,white socks and clean nikes MOWING. Really! could he not have given me atleast one week when I could look at my lawn and think...not to shabby. We call him "the lawn guy" his lawn is like something from a magazine and of course I have to live right across from him.
He mowes his lawn twice a week in different patterns. But last summer he went on vaccation and had a lawn firm mowe while he was gone. That was funny because they just mowed away and made all kinds of ugly tracks with their machines. I couldn't wait for him to come home and see it. for a period of two hole weeks I could sit on my stoop and feel good about my own lawn.