03 oktober 2016

La festa de Risotto Italiano

                      Somebody said " you just have to go visit the risotto festa" so we did. 
We went to Isola Della Scala wich is a little town or municipality of aprox 10.000 inhabitants

Its located 12 miles southeast of Verona in the Veneto district and they have a yearly risotto feast. 

Now we know its HUGE! Huuuuge and its going on for weeks.

Pic from fiera del riso web page.

I have not always been a fan of Italian Risotto while my husband loves it but I have to say its growing on me. So many different styles of the same dish.

Risotto is a rice dish from the northern parts of Italy cooked in broth from veggies, fish, meat OR ( my fav.) WINE to a creamy consistency.  Many types of risotto contain butter, onion, meat, veggies, mushrooms a.s.o. Its the most common way of cooking rice in Italy.

I think I have mentioned it before but I have to say it again...Italy is a very pet friendly country. You take your pups everywhere, to the store, the mall, the restaurand, the hairdresser and of course the fair. Posting a picture of the map from the fair program, notice that there is a special pet area wich means here your pup can go potty AND eat and drink. There is actually a big tent with tables and chair where pet owners can sit and enjoy a meal and pups can relax. In every corner there are bowls with food and water and poop bags. 

They had a great time

Until next time....... love and peace

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