11 september 2016


This sunday we spent on a mountain top. We walked through absolutely dreamlike olive groves and had an amazing late lunch at a farm Da Sagraro

At This farm they grow their own vegetables make their own wine and olive oil and breeds their own, pigs, donkeys, chickens and cows.

 It is a family style dining room and its packed... now we know why.
There is only 4 things on the menu but everything is delish!

 Sopressa slami and toast with olive and red pepper paste. Home made tagliatelle with mushrooms and zuccini in a crem sauce. T-Bone stek with polenta and green beans. Chicken also with Polenta and green beans.

......and of course... there has to be dessert.

Peace and love.

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Inger sa...

Fy attan, vad jag längtar dit när jag ser det här! En av de allra största upplevelserna Owe och jag hade tillsammans var när vi gick på matlagningskurs på en vingård utanför Verona. Vi tillbringade också mycket tid med att vandra i backarna, och jag kan riktigt känna atmosfären i era bilder. Njut!!