16 september 2019

Another thing I enjoy

One thing I like .....well, another thing I like about Italy is eating "in the street". I am an avid people watcher so this is my element. I don't even have to make conversation with my dinner partner, I can just sit there chew and watch. A lot of things are going on in the streets of Verona if one just takes a minute to stop and enjoy. 
Love and peace

12 april 2017

It is spring for real in Verona

Tourists are pouring in and we ...Mr Ed, Stina and I...choose to go out early in the morning and then between 1 -3 and then laaaaate. We are waiting for the "Funicolare" to open so we can ride it up to Castel
San Pietro and enjoy a marvellous view of the city.

03 oktober 2016

La festa de Risotto Italiano

                      Somebody said " you just have to go visit the risotto festa" so we did. 
We went to Isola Della Scala wich is a little town or municipality of aprox 10.000 inhabitants

Its located 12 miles southeast of Verona in the Veneto district and they have a yearly risotto feast. 

Now we know its HUGE! Huuuuge and its going on for weeks.

Pic from fiera del riso web page.

I have not always been a fan of Italian Risotto while my husband loves it but I have to say its growing on me. So many different styles of the same dish.

Risotto is a rice dish from the northern parts of Italy cooked in broth from veggies, fish, meat OR ( my fav.) WINE to a creamy consistency.  Many types of risotto contain butter, onion, meat, veggies, mushrooms a.s.o. Its the most common way of cooking rice in Italy.

I think I have mentioned it before but I have to say it again...Italy is a very pet friendly country. You take your pups everywhere, to the store, the mall, the restaurand, the hairdresser and of course the fair. Posting a picture of the map from the fair program, notice that there is a special pet area wich means here your pup can go potty AND eat and drink. There is actually a big tent with tables and chair where pet owners can sit and enjoy a meal and pups can relax. In every corner there are bowls with food and water and poop bags. 

They had a great time

Until next time....... love and peace

27 september 2016

Out and about

Today I took my bike and went for a spinn. My destinaton was the local grocery store but I wanted to look around in Montebello Vicentino. After riding on main street I realized that to see Montebello I will need more than 2 hrs. I will go back tomorrow.

In the store I got: 1 lbs grapes , 2 baggies of yummi Italian shortbread cookies, freezer bags, coconut my snack for the ride back, lunchmeat, 1 lbs peanuts,1 bottle red wine , 1/2lb cheese, 1 loaf of bread, 1 bag dog treats. I spent 21 eruos = 23 dollars.  I like to shop here.

Aaaaaand Looki looki here.....
I found out that our next door neighbor ...the winery... Is the first stop on a 20 miles long trekk of WINERIES. I think I am in heaven on earth. Of course we will investigate this closer....to be continued.......

Love and peace

20 september 2016

This place is very peaceful........

Foto from La Mason webpage.

...  If I close my eyes I can hear the walls whisper and I can smell the grapes and if I put my Imagination to work ... swoooshh... I'm there, in the 1300. 


The “Mason” of the Temple

The “Mason” in the Middle Ages, was an important stopping place in the journey to the Holy Land. This “mansio” situated along the Roman road “Postumia”, in the XII century changed its name to “Mason del Tempio” (Abode of the Temple) because inside its premises the Knights Templar had come to settle.
The Order of Knights Templar was persecuted by king Philip the Fair of France, and was suppressed by Pope Clement V of Avignon in 1312.
In 1319 the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem (or the Knights Hospitallers, that later became the Knights of Malta) is known to have taken over the Mason.
For this reason, the Maltese cross is found on ancient documents and maps of the area, and we choose to use it in our logo." Read more here.

11 september 2016


This sunday we spent on a mountain top. We walked through absolutely dreamlike olive groves and had an amazing late lunch at a farm Da Sagraro

At This farm they grow their own vegetables make their own wine and olive oil and breeds their own, pigs, donkeys, chickens and cows.

 It is a family style dining room and its packed... now we know why.
There is only 4 things on the menu but everything is delish!

 Sopressa slami and toast with olive and red pepper paste. Home made tagliatelle with mushrooms and zuccini in a crem sauce. T-Bone stek with polenta and green beans. Chicken also with Polenta and green beans.

......and of course... there has to be dessert.

Peace and love.

10 september 2016

Learning how to walk again

To shop for groceries in different countries is an adventure and sometimes frustrating when picking up a few things takes forever and you run around trying to decode signs and price tags. You weigh all your produce and fruit yourself so you have to make sure to remember that the apples has the code 161 when its your turn at the scale that spits out a label to put on your bag. If you forget you have to walk back to the apples and take a second look. 

We did find what we were looking for and now we have  Rosemary in our window.

....some things are are easy to find and fun to shop for, lokal fresh wine 

Peace and Love