27 september 2016

Out and about

Today I took my bike and went for a spinn. My destinaton was the local grocery store but I wanted to look around in Montebello Vicentino. After riding on main street I realized that to see Montebello I will need more than 2 hrs. I will go back tomorrow.

In the store I got: 1 lbs grapes , 2 baggies of yummi Italian shortbread cookies, freezer bags, coconut my snack for the ride back, lunchmeat, 1 lbs peanuts,1 bottle red wine , 1/2lb cheese, 1 loaf of bread, 1 bag dog treats. I spent 21 eruos = 23 dollars.  I like to shop here.

Aaaaaand Looki looki here.....
I found out that our next door neighbor ...the winery... Is the first stop on a 20 miles long trekk of WINERIES. I think I am in heaven on earth. Of course we will investigate this closer....to be continued.......

Love and peace

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